2017 Awards Ceremony

15th September

Celebrating 10 Years

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THE MANDATE of the Waiata Māori Music Awards is to produce and maintain a music competition that is open to all Māori music industry professionals i.e. all composers and artists. OUR AIM is to have all entries secretly judged in a non-biased way by active members of the Māori music industry and audited by a chartered accountant. OUR VISION is to produce a gala awards ceremony that will focus on the diversity and excellence of Māori Music in Aotearoa (New Zealand) featuring performances by current, or past finalists, and winners. THE MISSION of the Waiata Māori Music Awards is to acknowledge and honour the keepers, teachers, promoters, creators and performers of Māori music; to continue to develop and promote the diversity of all Māori music; to showcase and celebrate the excellence of Māori music; to recognise the unique vision of Māori composers and musicians; and to enrich this rich cultural voice.

Waiata Māori Music Awards

This year we are celebrating 10 glorious years celebrating the very best talent from the Māori nation. This site is dedicated to Tama Huata, one of the best-known advocates of Māori performing arts and a mentor to many singers, songwriters and performers

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